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December, 14th 2017

Pig Video Now Available!


First practical EU Animal Transport Video available for pigs


The practical EU video for pigs, based on the Guide to Good Practice for the transport of pigs and three dedicated Fact Sheets, is now available. This video provides practical advice to professionals to ensure that the pigs they transport remain in good welfare. Watch the video now by selecting your language below:










The video has been produced in the framework of a dedicated European project funded by the DG SANTE of the European Commission. Coordinated by a large consortium of research institutes from 10 countries and stakeholder organisations, it includes input from leading EU agri-food, veterinary, road transport and animal welfare stakeholder groups.

The video, which is also available with translated subtitles (8 languages), provides a practical illustration showing how to deal with the most critical aspects around transport such as loading and unloading, feeding and watering and transportation in hot or cold temperatures.



Animal transport without respect for animal welfare is in nobody’s interest as it could lead to the sickness or death of animals, sanctions, financial losses and the withdrawal of the driver’s license and/or authorization to transport such animals.

This video supplements the Guides and Factsheets, which altogether constitute an invaluable source of information for all involved in the transport of livestock.



Videos for cattle, sheep, horses and poultry will be available soon.

More information on the creation process and development of the videos can be found at the Animal Transport Guides website ( Updates in the project can be followed by subscribing to the Animal Transport Guides newsletter (link to subscribe).