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November, 14th 2017

Roadshows – Press and Publicity

Many of our Roadshows, recognised rightly for the spectacles that they are, have received publicity from national newspapers and magazines that have shown an interest in the project. We are thankful for any extra interest, as wider publicity generates a greater awareness of not only the project itself, but more importantly the information it seeks to disseminate and the practices that it promotes. Find the article for your the Roadshow in your country below and enjoy a good read!


There have been two Roadshows in Romania; the first at Agromalin in Arad, 9th September, and the second at the Indagra Exhibition in Bucharest, 25th October. The events were advertised by our Romanian coordinator Ludovic Cziszter in the agricultural magazine Ferma:

Ferma Front Page


Ferma Article




The Italian coordination team (Kees de Roest, Silvia D’Albenzio, Paolo Ferrari, Paolo Della Villa, Francesca Pompei and Barbara Alessandrini) put together an article for the regional publication of EmiliaRomagna. This three page article gives a detailed explanation of the project, the roadshows and the guides to good and better practices:



France’s Porc Magazine recently published an article entitled “The Checklist for Transport in Europe” advertising the Guides and their purpose. It also refers to the website as a source for finding all related material:

The Reussir Lait website also recently published a brief article advertising the guides, and directing readers to the materials on the ATG website. You can visit the website here or download the article itself below!

Finally, the French agricultural expertise website Plein Champ published a more in-depth explanation of the Project and the deliverables, which can be found here



A German newspaper article was published commending the animal transporters attending the Viehfahrertreffen Roadshow for their big hearts:

German Article




Following the successful organisation of the “Animal Transport Guides” Roadshow in Greece at 4 – 6 October 2017, a relative article has been published in the Greek magazine “Agriculture – Livestock Farming”, Issue 10/2017 (“Γεωργία – Κτηνοτροφία”, 10/2017) summarising the main administrative issues regarding the transportation of animals: