Partner:Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR): De Elst 1, 6708 WD, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Wageningen Economic Research (WEcR): Alexanderveld 5, 2585 DB The Hague, The Netherlands

The mission of Wageningen University & Research is “To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life”. Within Wageningen University & Research, nine specialised research institutes from the Wageningen Research Foundation and Wageningen University have joined forces to help answer the most important questions in the domain of healthy food and living environment. With approximately 30 locations, 5,000 employees, and 10,000 students, Wageningen University & Research is one of the leading organisations in its domain worldwide. An integrated approach to problems and the cooperation between various disciplines are at the heart of the unique approach of Wageningen. Two WUR institutes take part in the Animal Transport Guides project: Wageningen Livestock Research and Wageningen Economic Research.

Key persons:

WLR: Hans Spoolder, Wijbrand Ouweltjes, Arjan van Dijk

WEcR: Willy Baltussen, Mariet van Haaster-de Winter, Siet Sijtsema



Viale Timava 43/2 Reggio Emilia, Italy

CRPA-Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali (Research Centre on Animal Production) was first set up in 1972. Since then, it has been able to provide both the private and public sector with the benefit of its experience in the fields of agricultural food production and the environment.

Key persons:
Kees de Roest, Paolo Ferrari

Partner:Eurogroup for Animals

Eurogroup for Animals

Rue des Patriotes 6
1000 Brussels, Belgium

The leading animal welfare organisation at EU level
We are recognised by the European Parliament and Commission as the leading animal welfare organisation at EU level and represent animal welfare interests on many EU advisory committees and consultation bodies. Over the years we have been instrumental in achieving legal protection and EU standards which dramatically improve the way animals are treated.

Key person:
Michel Courat

Partner:Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

12 Avenue de Tervuren 1040 Brussels, Belgium

“Veterinarians care for animals and people!”
The European veterinary profession, embodied by FVE, strives to enhance animal health, animal welfare, public health and the protection of the environment by promoting the veterinary profession. Together with its members, FVE aims to support veterinarians in delivering their professional responsibilities to the best possible standard, and that this expertise is recognised and valued by society.

Key persons:
Nancy De Briyne, Jan Vaarten



Suedufer 10 17493 Greifswald – Insel Riems, Germany

The work of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) focusses on farm animal health and welfare and on the protection of humans from zoonoses, i.e. infections which can be transmitted from animals to humans. These tasks are defined in the Animal Health Act. The FLI does basic and applied research in different scientific fields.

Key person:
Michael Marahrens

Partner:Hellenic Agricultural Organization-Demeter (Hao)  – Veterinary Research Institute (Vri)

Hellenic Agricultural Organization-Demeter (Hao) – Veterinary Research Institute (Vri)

57001 Thermi Thessaloniki, Greece

Main object of ELGO-DEMETER is to develop and / or support actions designed to modernize and develop the agricultural sector of the country, improvement of production processes, enhance competitiveness, certification of quality agricultural products and food, the establishment and certification of good agricultural practices and controls the production of milk-trafficking chain and meat in the country.

Key persons:
Sofia Belibasaki, Evangelia N. Sossidou

Partner:IFIP – Institute du Porc

IFIP – Institute du Porc

3/5, rue Lespagnol 75020 Paris, France

FIP – The French Pork and Pig Institute anticipates future developments, unites and assists professionals of the pork industry. A Research & Development organization, we serve the economic actors bringing our experience, expertise, network of partners, and openings to the international market.

Key person:
Patrick Chevillon

Partner:Institut De L’Elevage

Institut De L’Elevage

149, Rue de Bercy 75012 Paris, France

The mission of Institut de l’Elevage is to improve the competitiveness of herbivore  farming and related value chains.
His work provides technical solutions to cattle, sheep, goat and equine livestock farmers and to value chain economic actors.
One of the challenges is to provide answers to societal issues.

Key persons:
Luc Mirabito, Béatrice Mounaix

Partner:IRTA – Investigación y Tecnologia Agroalimentaries

IRTA – Investigación y Tecnologia Agroalimentaries

Torre Marimon 08140 Caldes de Montbui Barcelona, Spain

IRTA is a research institute owned by the Government of Catalonia and it’s purpose is to contribute to the modernization, competitiveness and sustainable development of agriculture, food and aquaculture sectors, the supply of healthy and quality foods for consumers and, generally, improving the welfare of the population.

Key persons:
Antoni Dalmau, Emma Fábrega, Antonio Velarde

Partner:IRU Projects ASBL

IRU Projects ASBL

32-34 Ave de Tervueren, bte 17 1040 Brussels, Belgium

IRU is the world’s road transport organization.We lead solutions to help the world move better, supporting trade, economic growth, jobs, safety, the environment and communities. IRU’s work spans more than 100 countries. Our core constituents are national transport associations and transport operators.

Key persons:
Marc Billiet, Anna Lipinska

Partner:Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’ Abruzzo e del Molise “G. Caporale”

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’ Abruzzo e del Molise “G. Caporale”

Via Campo Boario 64100 Teramo, Italy

IZSAM is a public health institute with administrative and managerial autonomy, which operates as a technical and scientific arm of the Italian State and the Abruzzo and Molise Regions, performing analytical work for the public veterinary services and providing the technical and scientific collaboration necessary to enable them to carry out their functions in the field of veterinary public health.

Key persons:
Barbara Alessandrini, Silvia D’Albenzio, Paolo Dalla Villa, Francesca Pompei

Partner:ITAVI – Institut Technique de l’ Aviculture

ITAVI – Institut Technique de l’ Aviculture

7 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière 75 009 Paris, France

ITAVI aims to meet the expectations of poultry production, rabbit and fish in research and development; it is positioned at the interface between basic research and the field and as such plays an enhancer role of innovation. ITAVI allows chain actors to anticipate structural changes. Particular attention is paid to the reconciliation of competitiveness of sectors and expectations of society.

Key person:
Laure Bignon

Partner:Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego

Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego

Nowoursynowska 166; 02-787 Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw University of Life Sciences was qualified to the top one hundred international universities in the field of agriculture and forestry.

Key person:
Monika Gębska

Partner:Scotland’s Rural College

Scotland’s Rural College

King’s Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JG United Kingdom

Scotland’s Rural College delivers comprehensive skills, education and business support for Scotland’s land-based industries, founded on world class and sector-leading research, education and consultancy.

Key persons:
Peter Kettlewell, Malcolm Mitchell

Partner:Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară a Banatului “Regele Mihai I al României” din Timişoara

Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară a Banatului “Regele Mihai I al României” din Timişoara

Calea Aradului 119 300645 Timişoara, Romania

Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Timisoara (USAB-TM) is located in Timisoara, Timis, Romania. It is locally known as Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole a Banatului Timisoara. The university was established in 1991.

Key persons:
Cziszter Dinu Gavojdian, Ioan Pădeanu, Ludovic Toma